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About Us

Dayaneeta Social Welfare Society

Dayaneeta Social Welfare Society is a not for profit voluntary organization established in the year 2009 with an objective of providing rehabilitation services to Drug and Alcohol addicts and people living the problem of HIV-AIDS. Education and Health care for weaker sections of the society especially for Senior Citizens, women and children of the slum.

Dayaneeta Social Welfare Society was founded by founder member Sh. Amit Kumar, who himself feel the agony and stigma attached with the image of a Drug Addict and believe that addicts can recover themselves if we provide them a holistic atmosphere. He believes that addiction is a chronic progressive disease, which is treatable. Dayaneeta Social welfare Society was registered as an NGO on 06th April, 2009. It has been working for Rehabilitation services for Drug and Alcohol Addicts and old Age People.

Dayaneeta Rehabilitation services applies a medico-psycho-social-spiritual model for people suffering from all kinds of addiction eg alcohol, smack, herion, charas, ganja, marijuana, cough syrup, sleeping pills, injections etc.

Our Management

AMIT RAPARIA (Gen. Secretary)

Having graduated from Kurukshetra University, a quality professional, brings his 10 years of management experience into rehabilitation services. Amit has successfully infused his training from National Institute of Social Defence, (GOI), R.K. Puram, Delhi and experience as a professional into the field of rehabilitation and achieving one of the highest recovery rates.

Given his years of experience, Amit brings high standards in treatment modalities to Dayaneeta De-addiction & Rehabilitation Centre. He believes in a holistic approach for De-addiction that address Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual aspects of recovery.

He believes that every patient and his family that comes to Dayaneeta for treatment has a unique background. Therefore, treatment for each individual is customized at Dayaneeta and is targeted to achieve strong recovery.


Holds A graduate degree with certifications in counseling. He specializes for rehabilitation, behavioral resolutions, regression therapies energy dynamics. His exceptional empathy and ability to transform lives through customized responses professional methods and alternative counseling using innovative approaches makes him sought after rehabilitation professional.

A typical day at Dayaneeta:

Patients admitted in dayaneeta drug de-addiction centre go through a full day of classes like morning meeting, just for today,input,confrontation dealing that starts early at 8.30am and ends at 9.30pm with with yoga and meditation followed by breakfast.

Group counseling / indiduval counseling based on TC AND 12 STEPS one-on-one appointments with physician, psychiatrist or counselor.

Dinner followed by personal reflection and meditation