Facilities @ Dayaneeta

Dayaneeta has qualified and experienced staff, allopathic doctor, trained counselors and general Physician to handle emergency services. Besides, Chauhan Nursing Home (Fully Equipped Hospital) are within a radius of 1 Km. from our Dayaneeta Rehabilitation center.
  • Free OPD and Counseling services
  • Pathological and other tests e.g. X Ray, E.C.G. from Vinci Diagnostic center.
  • Qualified Ward Boys.
  • Residential facility.
  • Catering facilities from Outside/Inside the center.
  • Indoor / Outdoor games.
  • Mini Library
  • TV/ Video, Yoga, Bhajan
  • Celebration of recovery birthdays
  • Celebration of religious festivals
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Peers group therapy and Role modeling

Admission Information Looking for a Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation center ?
Dayaneeta Rehabilitation Services are caring and safe, where you can learn how to live sober, productive life and discover best of your potential. The biggest question.. What is after "Detoxification" ? Most of us need a structured, healthy environment where healing can continue and new coping skills can be learned. We know you can succeed in staying sober. You just need a little help. That`s what we`re here for.