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About Us

Dayaneeta Social Welfare Society

Dayaneeta Social Welfare Society is a not for profit voluntary organization established in the year 2009 with an objective of providing rehabilitation services to Drug and Alcohol addicts and people living the problem of HIV-AIDS. Education and Health care for weaker sections of the society especially for Senior Citizens, women and children of the slum..

Dayaneeta Social Welfare Society was founded by founder member Sh. Amit Kumar, who himself feel the agony and stigma attached with the image of a Drug Addict and believe that addicts can recover themselves if we provide them a holistic atmosphere. He believes that addiction is a chronic progressive disease, which is treatable. Dayaneeta Social welfare Society was registered as an NGO on 06th April, 2009. It has been working for Rehabilitation services for Drug and Alcohol Addicts and old Age People.

Our Treatment

Treatment Plan

Preparatory Phase (OPD), Screening of the patient, To assess the problem related to addiction, Motivate the addict to participate actively in the treatment.

WHY Community Thearpy?

"The only thing constant in this world is change". When we talk about change, we are not talking about any outward change. In order to be a productive member of society, the addict needs to change from within, thus the change has to be on all the four levels, physical, emotional, social, and Spiritual and this change can be achieved through community effort , but not alone.

Honesty Class

We expert in cheating and betray ourselves and give utmost explanations to prove our misdeeds. When we used to return back to our houses after taking drugs, be it very apparent from our eyes and appearance that we have taken drugs but very smartly.

Honesty is an attribute which can be replenished and make string by practice of being truthful to ourselves and then only we can be honest to others.

Input Session

Commitment and dedication is the rule for success so as the surrender is the first step towards recovery for de-addiction and behavior improvement. It requires surrender of own decisions and opinions before the master, the guide.

Now we are in this organisation for correction. So we have to realise that we are powerless and incapable to reform ourselves and require surrender in front if the bigger authority.

FACILITIES @ Dayaneeta

Dayaneeta has qualified and experienced staff, Allopathic Doctor, trained Counsleors and general Physician to handle emergency services. Besides, Chauhan Nursing Home (Fully Equipped Hospital) are within a radius of 1 Km. from our Dayaneeta Rehabilitation center.:-

  • Free OPD and Counseling services
  • Pathological and other tests e.g. X Ray, E.C.G. from Vinci Diagnostic center.
  • Qualified Ward Boys.
  • Utmost assurance towards quality content
  • Our constant client support (through chat or email).
  • Software-Enabled Content (including MathType, MATLAB, STATISTICA etc.)
  • Plagiarism free content and uptime delivery.
  • Specific Talent Acquisition efforts